About us

We are who we are

At Qi Philosophy, we offer our customers the opportunity to fuel their mind, body and soul with just the good stuff. Nestled away in a green and lush space on the bottom level of SkyTerrace @ Dawson, our health and wellness cafe is a popular retreat for those wishing to find balance again. Framed by floor length windows and a roof of wild overgrowing flora, don’t be surprised to find yourself taking one

In the kitchen, our team uses only fresh and well-sourced ingredients to create healthy – but always flavour-packed – dishes. Tuck into our hearty all-day breakfast options, wholesome sandwiches, homemade burgers, colourful salad bowls and delicious desserts – because that’s what balance is all about. On top of tasty eats, enjoy perfectly brewed coffee, artisanal tea, velvety hot chocolate, kombucha and more.

Our cafe on Dawson Road in Singapore’s Queenstown neighbourhood is always open to friends, old and new. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Wellness Classes

For those after the full Qi Philosophy experience, we have a busy schedule of enriching yoga classes and wellness programmes that anyone can participate in.